Live from Paris: David Lebovitz on Food, France, and Writing


For years, David Lebovitz has crafted some of the best desserts in the San Francisco Bay Area as a pastry chef at Chez Panisse. Almost two decades ago he decided to expand his repertoire, adding a keyboard to his whisks and piping bags. He now has seven books under his belt (with one on the way), including, most recently, the bestselling My Paris Kitchen.

A pioneer of food blogging, David has been writing about food online since 1999, and continues to publish a delicious mix of posts about cooking, restaurants, and life in France (where he’s lived since 2004) on his eponymous site. We recently chatted about the Paris food scene, the expat existence, and the future of food blogging.

I’m sure all our readers would love to know: what’s the best thing you’ve cooked this week?


I think it might be the corned beef that I’m brining right now. I got an inside scoop…

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